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Welcome to the kitchen supply Department of Lübeck Haus Store.
We have many things for the kitchen. For example we have small appliances such as microwave ovens, microwave cooking pots, toaster ovens, breadmakers, grills, pancake and waffle makers, non-stick cookware, cooking and frying pans, and essential kitchen tools, gadgets and utensils.
Plus DIY books and gardening books, kindle books, kindle readers, cookbooks, musics, movies, magazines, essentials for baby, and wall posters of interest.

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When it appeared in 1973, the Cuisinart home food processor quickly revolutionized attitudes about cooking. The simple combination of a stainless-steel chopping blade and a wide-based, 7-cup mixing bowl opened a shortcut for cooks to prepare complicated meals quickly.
Today, the food processors are just a small part of the complete line of Cuisinart appliances. Cuisinart cookware in particular performs nicely, the company's Everyday Stainless line features products that are lined inside and out with 10/18 stainless steel and have copper bottoms to spread heat quickly and evenly.

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